Official: Swaziland witches can’t fly above 150 meters!



Swazi witches flying on broomsticks will have to stay below 150 meters or face  penalties, according to an aviation official.


Witches’ broomsticks are apparently  heavier-than-air airborne transportation devices, subject to Swaziland’s  aviation laws.

After a private detective was arrested for flying a toy helicopter equipped  with a video camera, he was charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and  for failing to appear before his chief to be questioned by traditional  authorities about his toy drone.

The Swazi press asked Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate  affairs director Sabelo Dlamini to explain the aviation statutes that led to the  charge.

“A witch on a broomstick should not fly above the [150-meter] limit,” Dlamani  told them, according to Times Live. The same statute forbids toy helicopters and  children’s kites from flying too high in the country’s airspace. Violators face  arrest and a fine of R500,000, or about $55,000.

Swazi press said it was hard to tell if his example was serious or humorous,  but many people in Swaziland do believe in witchcraft.

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