How to Send Karmic Thanks and Blessings.


From Gypsy Spirit Wind:

Today i feel the need to send this out…this i have sent over and over to my much loved soul friend, with her cancer, i want to tell you the news of this ..Not… serious ..just gone… to an operation to remove her gallbladder , and slight lingering complications, these prayers , etc do work…
it is not the method, it is the faith in whatever you believe..

To send karmic thanks and blessings to someone as well as healing…

Either think of the person you are sending to, or while looking at a picture of them.

Recite the following incantation as many times as you feel necessary:

With love and gratitude I send to you,
Thanks for everything you do.
You’re there for me in times of need,
Your deeds are pure and free from greed.
I thank you dearly for all your care
such devotion is really rare.
I wish you happiness, I wish you love,
May you be blessed by those above.
May karma find its way to you,
And repay you for the things you do.
For this is what I wish today
that all good things shall come your way!
May this not be reversed,
Or placed upon us as any curse.
With harm to none,
It will be done!


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