Presenting Hachico OWP.

Link to the site – Hachico OWP


educates assistance dogs for people with motor disabilities or suffering from epilepsy. We use the age-old bond between dogs and humans for that worthy cause.
Both service dogs for handlers with motor disabilities and seizure dogs for people suffering from epilepsy are specifically trained to enable their handlers to perform tasks that were difficult or virtually impossible before. Moreover, assistance dogs open the door towards a more active participation in every day life.
Whatever its task, the assistance dog stimulates the handler’s independence and self-reliance. And there is more: by its presence, he assistance dog offers comfort and support and enhances the handler’s quality of life. Thus, people do not only enlarge their scope, but also enjoy more social contacts and (re)integrate easier..

Hachiko was the faithful Akita of a Japanese university professor. For years, he arrived at the station exactly on time to await his master’s commuter train and return home together.
After his master had died, Hachiko kept coming to the station for ten years before walking home again, sad and alone. After Hachiko’s death, a statue was erected outside the Shibuya railroad station in Tokyo in honour of his loyalty. Hachiko was the perfect example of the bond that can exist between animals and humans. In Dutch, his name is used as an acronym for the training centre



For donations with international bank transfer: IBAN: BE96 0681 0525 2505 •BIC/SWIFT: GKCC BEBB


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