Gobekli Tepe Revisited.

From www.thelivingmoon.com
From http://www.thelivingmoon.com

If we look at the history that is being taught in schools about the time that these temples were built in Europe we can read that Cro-Magnon people are still supposed to be in situ and around this time the first walled city, Jericho, was built in the Middle East and farming begins(sic) in that same region. Basically, we in Europe were supposed to be still living in caves.

However, let me tell you something about logistics! For anyone to be able to build something along the magnitude of the buildings as seen in the image above, there would have to have been a fairly advanced civilisation present. This could not have been managed by a small group of people. In other words, for this kind of activity, there would have been a concerted activity of 1. builders 2. artisans to make the tools for these builders to use 3. farmers to feed the aforementioned people and probably 4. military personal to protect them, and more.

This large community would have to have had a governing body of presumably priests to order the building and design it and that commanded sufficient respect (or fear?) to keep everyone else doing their bidding. In other words, not a group of hunter/gatherers.

A complete and total enigma! Archeologists have carbon dated the artifacts found in Gobekli Tepe and all agree on the date of 9000 BC. But then again, they also agree that the dating of Cro-Magnon remains date from that period. What can possibly account for these discrepancies? We and they are obviously missing some very important facts and links. That is the least that can be said.  In any case, history will have to be rewritten yet again!


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