Stage 5: The Old Soul

English: In this 8-meter (25-foot) tall Buddhi...
English: In this 8-meter (25-foot) tall Buddhist relief from the Dazu Rock Carvings in China, built sometime between the years 1177 and 1249, Mara, Lord of Death and Desire, clutches the Wheel of Reincarnation, which outlines the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation. Français : Un relief de 8 mètres parmi les Sculptures rupestres de Dazu près de Chongqing en China. Il représente Mara, le Seigneur du Mort et des Désirs, éteignant la Roue des réincarnations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stage 5: The Old Soul.


At last, the soul is ready for the final leg of the journey: the return to unity and the end of reincarnation.

This return to unity does not involve any loss of individuality, as some imagine. The end of reincarnation — “ascension” or “enlightenment” or what have you — does not mean fading out of existence, dissolving into nothingness. Rather, the soul completes its adventure as a unique individual, like a distinctive star in the night sky, a completely realised Self.

So to begin this stage, the soul will tend to focus on true self-expression and self-actualization, seeking experiences which provide personal fulfilment within life on the physical plane. This could be found in, say, acting, painting, wine-growing, gardening, flying old aeroplanes, or simply being a grandparent. The soul is not interested in success or fame so much as doing something it loves well, and finding inner satisfaction.

Then, towards the end of the stage, there is more of an emphasis on teaching rather than simply learning: passing on the lessons learnt, showing others the way.

A must read, by the way!

I’ve just read this wonderful article and have come away with more questions than answers, as per usual. I have qualities and defects that fit in every stage, but do not feel fit to even assume myself a first-stage soul. I am an enigma to myself. Could it be that I am a soul that reincarnated prematurely and am still in embryonal stage, but who was raised by two old souls? Another conundrum.

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