Battle of the Elements.

Spring longing, fast forwards to a gentler chiming clime, but freeze frame locks. Stiff-necked, the cold, it stays. Crystalline time ticks on, shattering the sunny dream. Daisies wrap their eager heads inside the Mother’s coat. Warm clouds battle freezing winds, an elemental war ensues. Earth dons downy white duvets to cushion their angry blows.

The Land Of Nonsense.

Rows of flapping hands, like flags of friendship. Metal-slamming breaking for throwaway compliments. Does a ‘Congratulations!’ have the right of way? Sing Sing for hypocrites with fashionable bars of paper. Love scales for sale, for more-than-thou fanatics and honesty meters for brokers of cheap words. Care to blow the whistle, Sir? Pomposity warning! Citizens, cover […]