Meditation is not easy.


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

From High Existence dot Com :

Many people read about the benefits of meditating for 20 minutes each day and try to do just that, resulting in discouraging failure.

Meditating for 20 minutes the first time is like trying to bench 450lb on your first day at the gym. Or attempting a black diamond course your first day on skis.

It’s going to end in frustration and boredom, and will likely taint meditation for a long time. Meditation then feels like a difficult chore as opposed to something natural, centering and pleasurable.

Instead, shoot for just 30 seconds. Once you can go the whole time without your mind wandering, double the duration. Repeat.

When your mind does wander, don’t be down on yourself! Simply accept it and center your thoughts once more. Becoming frustrated about this will only set you back further.

You’ll work your way to 20 minutes in no time.

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