To Ralphie

Here’s to Brother Reepken, who’s gone zany after visiting our site once too often. Cheers, Peter!

Broeder Reepken zegt

Talking to you guys has caused my in-head-processor to meltdown, it has supergowed down through my lungs, leaving what’s left of my brain to reside in my penis. I told you I wus schitzo-sophical (sophisticated? (dunnow…)), how many times do I have to remind you? Now I am convinced that my cat is an alien, and that he is talking to me, saying: “Relax, man, you wus thinking with your penis anyways, al he did was disconnecting and removing such questionable and inconvenient functions as there are, morals, values and what you humanoids refer to as common sense; there is no sense in it, actualy sense is not common, you should be glad your spinal chord has been by-passed, it moves so much faster, in fact; we’d like to remove your spine allong with the rest of your bone-structure all together, since you don’t seem to have any use for…

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4 responses to “To Ralphie

  1. I think you and willem have finaly provided me with a name for my various attempts to create art; influenced by dada, walinism, ozonism, naivism and more, i have been invited to or placed under various flags, but i wasn’t happy, like at home, with anyone of those; the name dodo-ism, seems to fit like a glove, might go and use that…if I may…


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