Merlin’s Song.

Said Merlin about young Arthur: This child was born to raise me, to raise me to a higher plane, and by his example show me how. How to connect with nature, to delight in every morrow, live in the now and then and read between the lines. How to reign with laughter, throw sternness to […]

To Archangel Raphael.

From the core of my being I wish for the freeing from the bonds of hatred of all of mankind. For the melting of frost and the ice in their hearts, for the knowledge that kindness is stronger than might. Go bring them my love, whose supply is not finite, for connected to many, who […]

A Prayer to Michael.

Archangel of Mercy, to Michael this plea, on behalf of my friends, to give them some sign from one who was lost. Unburden their hearts, bring them some light, a message from the Lord, that all will be right, reunited in love, up above. Please, hear my prayer for these unselfish souls, unblemished and kind […]

Beauty Everywhere!

Mister Peter Scharpach of the site brought these wonders to my attention: Exquisite photography by Diane Paquin Photographe: Along one of Diane’s pictures were these words, which I thought a wonderful poem, but are actually the lyrics to a song(Youtube link) by LOREENA McKENNIT: The Mystic’s Dream… A clouded dream on an earthly night Hangs upon the crescent […]