Eureka, Smelled It! – LOL

I finally found what I wonna be in life, I’m gonna be an ancient poo researcher and I’ll have you know that it’s the poo that’s ancient! Apparently there’s a bird called the Kakapoo and on analysing his poop, researchers found why it’s more or less going to hell, because it eats the seed of the Hades plant(that and not going to church of a Sunday). The results for the urine sample of the Peepeewee bird are still out. Isn’t it all fascinating!? Now I just have to find a university that gives crap courses.

I bet there are some folks out there, who think I’m full of it. To prove them wrong, I shall now show the picture and the article on which I have based this life-turning decision:

From I fucking love science
From I fucking love science

The kakapo is a large, flightless parrot native to New Zealand. Sadly, today these beautiful birds are incredibly endangered and there are only 126 left in the wild.
Recently, researchers studying ancient poo samples (yes, that is a field of research) found that about 900 years ago kakapos ate large amounts of pollen from a root parasite known as “Hades flower”. Today, that plant is also incredibly rare and the two organisms are not found together, which suggests a rather interesting conservation link – was the kakapo responsible for pollinating the Hades flower?
Pure speculation of course, but very interesting nonetheless.

Story via ScienceAlert, more information here:

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