Dutch Poets Invade WordPress!

Two Dutch poet friends of mine have started a WordPress blog. If you speak Dutch and like poetry, check them out: http://www.reepken.wordpress.com http://www.adelaarwillem.wordpress.com Apparently a Dutch platform called weblog.nl is calling it quits and most of the users from there will be coming here. Prepare yourselves! Here are some more: http://pastuiven.wordpress.com/ http://jeaninehoedemakers.wordpress.com/

Serendipity For Others.

Companionship of circumstance and sustenance for the soul, in my mind a loving memory, a kindness, gratefully accepted. A stranger’s blatant blessing, freely given and undisguised, but blinded by my need and hurt, insufficiently understood. Amazement when, years later, profound gratitude was expressed! Inexplicable unawareness, then, that I might be needed also. Serendipity for others […]