Angels Watching!

From Gypsy Spirit Wind :

Mages gather, faeries unite,
The world is troubled, earth is torn.
Astral beings gathering strength,
Against the rising, terrible force, …
The beast has risen, now awake,
This path must run its course.
The sirens call, the banshees wail,
The armies will assemble,
Angels will gather arms of light,
Living and dead will tremble.
The core of earth will open up,
And lend dragons to the cause,
Earth and Fire, Air and water,
All will convene for these wars.
Spirits, sprites, elves and orcs,
And the children of the light,
Will subdue the deepest darkness,
And stand together in the fight.
The end will be a beginning,
The world will be reborn,
The darkness will be banished,
In the glory of the dawn.

Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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