Unravelling of Reason.

Extinction (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Calm has stolen into my inner being,

for, gratefully, I have run out of noise,

that most incommodious commodity,

of clanging steel and shrilly notes,

which invades my waking dream world,

thus keeping me from my true intent:

oblivion of self and of connectivity

between those souls who seek the light

and form a grid work of compassion,

counterbalancing the grim, stark truth

of dark intentions and evil-loving deeds,

perpetrated by those who hold the power

of indentured life and death by proxy

over the vast, deluded masses of wretches,

who see the glitter, but not the putrid core,

the maggots of deceit held up by demagogues,

who claim that they be eighteen carat nuggets,

they simply must have or else face extinction,

be wiped off the virtual grid, their only existence,

for undocumented moments are meaningless,

except perhaps to the poor, starving farmer

and those he can sadly no longer provide for,

by breaking his back on the now wasted land.

Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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