Evy’s Adventure.

Mama Used to Say
Mama Used to Say (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was once a pretty young girl called Evy, who was skipping through the forest. She was doing so against the express wishes of her mother, but being young, she did not yet realise what a daunting place this world of ours can be! The fact that she was black should not make one iota of difference to anyone, that has a heart and but an ounce of common sense.

But through perverse indoctrination by their environment, it was a source of aggravation to the three young rednecks coming from the other side. Not that they were in any way particular, when it came to giving vent to their bigotry, any slight deviance from “their view” was reason enough. When you reckon that this was made up of about ninety-nine point nine percent of humanity, then you will realise that they had their work cut out for them. I’m even sure, that should the situation warrant it, they would not shirk from inventing some offending aliens to cruelly amuse themselves with. In short, this was a recipe for disaster.

When the three young lads spotted the black girl, they told each other, that they would have some fun with ‘this one’. They actually relished the thought of playing cat and mouse with this defenceless maiden. When Evy saw them coming, she was very worried indeed. And to think that Mama had so warned her about something like this happening. What were her options? She couldn’t run away, for they would corner her like a pack of hounds. She certainly couldn’t fight three sturdy boys!

What would mother advise? As if from nowhere, Mama’s voice penetrated her mind:

Think, girl! Use your brain, for it is the biggest muscle you’ve got!!”

Right! She could tell by his bearing that Sam Malloy was the leader of the pack. She knew him vaguely, because she was in class with his sister Cathy. Wait a minute, there might be a way out of this! She remembered that Sam’s sister was probably the only person on this planet that he gave a hoot about. When they drew near, she confronted them with an expression on her face and a demeanour, which belied the turbulence presently upsetting her tummy. She said:

“You’re Sam Malloy, aren’t you? Yes, I recognise you. I am in class with your sister, Cathy, who speaks highly of you, by the way!”

Sam was taken aback by this. His sister was saying positive things about him, whatever next? He went:


“Yes, she told me, that you defended her, when nobody else would. She was proud of you for that!”

Sam was secretly pleased to hear this, but could not let on, of course. But when redneck number two got impatient and wanted to push Evy over, he intervened. He snarled:

“Hey! This is a friend of my little sis. Harming her would almost be like harming my sister. Now, you wouldn’t want to mess with my sister, would you!?”

He looked at number two with eyes that shot daggers. When stared down by his alpha male, number two very quickly remembered the pecking order around these woods and backtracked. And Evy blithely quipped:

“Gotta run or I’ll be late for dinner!” and went on her way. When she was out of sight of the boys, she heaved a mighty sigh of relief and told herself that this had been a close call. Maybe she should listen to Mama in the future!?

She almost gave her mother a stroke, when she told all about it. Junior, Evy’s big brother, was immediately summoned and told in no uncertain terms to escort his little sister to and from school without fault, from this day onwards. Big brother didn’t fancy this idea much, but he would do it, because deep down he kinda thought that she was sort of ok. And these danged rednecks were not going to mess with HIS family! When word reached Sam’s old man, Sam got a royal thrashing with Daddy’s belt. But fortunately or unfortunately, the damage inflicted on him was permanent: this puppy was in love! Whether or not this twain will ever meet, I shall leave in the middle.

Oh, and the moral of the story: Always use your noggin! Cheerio, folks!

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