Eureka, Smelled It! – LOL

I finally found what I wonna be in life, I’m gonna be an ancient poo researcher and I’ll have you know that it’s the poo that’s ancient! Apparently there’s a bird called the Kakapoo and on analysing his poop, researchers found why it’s more or less going to hell, because it eats the seed of the Hades […]

Call of the Mighty Wolf! – Pause

From Gypsy Spirit Wind: Do I see shadows of lifetimes past? Do I hear a whisper in the breeze? Do I feel the goddess’ breath? Do I understand the language of the trees? Am I worthy of the divine blessings? Will I work for the infinite good? … Will the elements aid and guide me, […]

About Gravity and Density.

I’m at present reading a novel in which is explained the mathematical and geometrical proof of gravity. At least, I assume it is! Yet again, I am confirmed in my unshakable belief that I am completely and utterly thick, because I understood jack shit about it, not one solitary iota, bupkes, zilch. First I thought […]

Dutch Poets Invade WordPress!

Two Dutch poet friends of mine have started a WordPress blog. If you speak Dutch and like poetry, check them out: Apparently a Dutch platform called is calling it quits and most of the users from there will be coming here. Prepare yourselves! Here are some more:

Serendipity For Others.

Companionship of circumstance and sustenance for the soul, in my mind a loving memory, a kindness, gratefully accepted. A stranger’s blatant blessing, freely given and undisguised, but blinded by my need and hurt, insufficiently understood. Amazement when, years later, profound gratitude was expressed! Inexplicable unawareness, then, that I might be needed also. Serendipity for others […]

Angels Watching!

From Gypsy Spirit Wind : Mages gather, faeries unite, The world is troubled, earth is torn. Astral beings gathering strength, Against the rising, terrible force, … The beast has risen, now awake, This path must run its course. The sirens call, the banshees wail, The armies will assemble, Angels will gather arms of light, Living and […]

Incidents of Criminal Obtuseness! – No Joke

This is my favourite from “The 35 Dumbest Things Ever Said on the Internet“: (Click to see them all!) Some of the pictures show a button for ‘reporting abuse’, they should put one for reporting obtuseness instead. It’s mind-boggling, folks! I just had to add this one from the A Daily Thought site:

Twilight Lovers.

When timid Sun kisses the shadows and Day’s love Night must go to sleep, brief intimacies are whispered, heard only by those who harken well. These could tell tales of lovers’ sorrow, countless goodbyes and longed for snippets, of minute moments of ecstasy, alternated with longing, waiting, endless hours. Of their yearning to stop time just […]