A Moment of Doubt!

English: Arriving at Prospect Halt No doubt th...

English: Arriving at Prospect Halt No doubt the Reading Society of Model Engineers have a different name for their only station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m gob-smacked! I’ve done it now.  I’ve Burcked myself.

I gaze in impotence at the sight of the ineptitude before me.


This pitiful drivel down lanes of dreary drudgery,

Would perhaps look good in kindergarten, but surely not up here!


I’m stumped, I tell you, at my wit’s end. They’ve left me all alone,

To fight and wrestle with words and imagery that is far beyond me.


There they are: my peers and learned colleagues,

Who can shake out of their endless sleeves,

Poems of wit, filled to the brim with understanding.


And all this just at the drop of a hat, t’ must be magical.

Lend me that hat, if you please? There’s a good chap.

Could I have a peek down your sleeve?


Search for a drop of inspiration, perhaps?

If you would be so kind, I would! I swear I would.


Maybe if I meditate, I could pick up the thread

Of life’s great mysteries and leave it there at that.


One response to “A Moment of Doubt!

  1. 🙂 You’re not uninspired, you’re just taking a holiday break, turkey and sweet breads always sludge up the creative forces, it’s natural.


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