Lifting the Veil of Illusion

Quantum-atom (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Looks like a boob to me!

From Unlocking the Science of Spirit.

When we see a situation or a thing, what is it that we see?  A thing is itself, of course, some philosophers would say.  Yet, what we see is what we interpret through our eyes, and what we experience is a function of mental cognition and the operation of our senses.  Using the example of accepting the physical world only, we can show that what one sees is not necessarily an objective physical truth:  think about color blindness or dyslexia.  Our nerves sense stimuli from that which they are designed to sense, and they send a signal through the body for the brain to interpret and then enter into consciousness.  We only know that something is true if we are conscious of what it is that we are perceiving.  So, what about the amputee of a leg that feels their limb and yet has none?  You may point out that these are extreme examples, but they are not.

The entire experience of our physical life, among other things, is based upon the animation of atoms, elements, plants, animals and the vessel we call our body.  We say animation, because quantum physics has shown that everything that exists in the physical reality has been shown to be a unified field of oscillating waves.  Whether alive, or inanimate, everything is in constant movement.  Behind all movement is force, or life force.  The primal essence that makes a being alive physically is different than that of an atom, but life its very self is dependent on the atom being in motion.  Simply, there is no such thing as stillness in the physical realm of existence.

What we see is not what we get.  We cannot see, with our naked eyes, inside an atom, or a single cell protozoan.  There is an entire universe in every element or form of life and its respective subcomponents.  Limiting reality to the physical senses and to a logical interpretation of the seen is wholly inadequate from which to judge or innovate in the world we live.  Semiconductors, optical science, radio waves, nano-technology, bio-technology, chemistry, biology and many other fields are based on knowledge of the unseen.

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