The Modern Da Vinci’s 5 Rules of Success.

From the HighExistence site:   Walter Russell is the 20th century Renaissance man you’ve probably never heard of. When I say Renaissance man, I mean it. Here’s a short summary of his vast accomplishments: Accomplished philosopher, musician, composer, painter and sculptor. He worked with many famous subjects such as President Roosevelt and Thomas Edison Without […]

Winter Solstice

Like it or not, we are being transformed with every dawn. We become the choices that we make, we have responsibilities, to ourselves…. because we are naturally inspired to bend toward the light…we are becoming infused with nature’s elegance with each sunrise. Bright is the season of darkness as we tilt easily toward the return […]

Blog of the Year – 2012

Originally posted on Teacher as Transformer:
I thank Nizy at Nizy’s Life Copendium and Cristi at Simple.Interesing for nominating my blog for “Blog of the Year 2012” award. I am grateful for this generous honour and the people who follow Teacher as Transformer.  It has been a reflective, creative, and transformational journey for the blog and this…

Travel (to Ralphie and Sheila)

As I continue on my journeyI’m beginning to travel lightPreparing myself for tomorrowthe distance is out of sight my suitcase is old and tatteredbackpack is old and shatteredshoulder bag is not leatherimitation, I do think waters of clear crystalhow I long to drinkthreads breaking loose, unravelmany steps left to travel so many things are idolsI […]