An Exercise in Empathy.

Nathalie is thinking to herself that this party might not be a total waste of time, after all. She’s just spotted the dashing Jonathan at the other side of the room, but he’s being cornered by some old biddy, who will have her say to him, no matter what. You know the type! She looks […]

Cigarettes Are BAaaaadddd!!! And…? – Pause

  I’m translating this from a post in Dutch on FB –!/photo.php?fbid=142608759209659&set=a.126167937520408.23311.100003816082021&type=1&theater: They want to put even more gross pictures on packets of cigarettes!!!! Why not pictures of starving children on McDonald’s packaging???? Why no pictures of tortured animals on cosmetics???? Why no pictures on bottles of beer of accident fatalities, killed by drivers under […]

Lil? Red Rooster! – Joke.

From “funny jokes & pics “ A farmer brought a Rooster home. As soon as the rooster entered the farm, he started screwing all the 200 hens. The farmer is impressed. At lunch, Rooster screws all the 200 hens again.   The farmer is becoming uncomfortable and worried now. …  … The next day, he […]