I see the Light and reach out. It fades. My wanting forming the clouds. How to escape desire? That splinter in my soul… is wood, from a tree, life-giving. It’s growing, sap flowing, roots forming, budding leaves, that soak up the Light: breathing particles, expanding waves… meet other trees, celebrating life, connecting, sharing, transforming darkness […]

A Destined Encounter.

Coincidence does not exist. Not in my book! Yesterday, a couple came to see me, on the street that is my present home, to have a chat about this and about that. And chat we did, about lots of things, which led to them inviting me to sleep in their flat. Just like that! These […]

Death for Being Gay? – Sign Petition!

From Emma Ruby-Sachs – Avaaz.org The Ugandan Parliament is set to pass a brutal law that could carry the death penalty for homosexuality. If they do, thousands of Ugandans could face execution — just for being gay. We’ve helped stop this bill before, and we can do it again. After a massive global outcry last […]