A Thousand Times.

People Matter
People Matter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

From geetar39 on Experience project.

A thousand ‘likes’. A thousand comments. A thousand tweets of the same breakfast while we marvel at coincidence.

Because I matter.

Following you following me a thousand times for a thousand disciples; the next more important than the last. A favorite book/song/quote/movie/character/dog leading them to me a thousand times.

Because I matter.

A thousand ‘badges’ and a thousand ‘mayorships’ in a thousand virtual realms where I perch at the top of the mountain of my own making. A thousand fish that got away, a thousand tall tales; all stretching the view into something great.

Because I matter.

I matter.

I matter even while work swirls around me unnoticed and uncaring as my thousand ‘likes’ swim forth with a million others turning a sea of familiarity into an ocean of cacophonic absurdity.

I matter as the search for even more vague and obscure definitions of me become even more meaningless and the friend of a friend of a friend is a more noble conquest than a friend in need.

I matter as my memories gush over and over; reliving the time when and retelling the story when and remembering the special moment when a thousand times as another moment slips into the past.

I matter because a thousand virtual birthday wishes say so even as noone is there to hug me just once but my own wishes fly out ensuring that for a brief moment we are connected a thousand times.

I matter as I copy a thousand times the creation of others connecting to thousands of others whose copies match mine while the spark of creativity dwindles inside my own chest.

I matter while my daughter sits, alone in her room, her own ‘likes’ cascading into the world perhaps mingling with mine in surprising acknowledgement as we slip past.

I matter as the wail of a child becomes the wail of a grandchild becomes the wail of a soul that sounds the same as my own. It is my own.

Because I matter.

A thousand times.

It’s a bit illogical for me to reblog this, but I just had to!

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