A Thousand Times.

From geetar39 on Experience project. A thousand ‘likes’. A thousand comments. A thousand tweets of the same breakfast while we marvel at coincidence. Because I matter. Following you following me a thousand times for a thousand disciples; the next more important than the last. A favorite book/song/quote/movie/character/dog leading them to me a thousand times. Because […]


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my native language is German – I publish a daily news letter at http://paper.li/frizztext/1341655486 – so I was amused as I noticed that many German words are understood in USA and other countries for example Kaffeeklatsch, Autobahn, Kindergarden, Wunderkind, Gemutlichkeit etc. – do you understand one of the following words…

Poor Politicians!

Grave news, ladies and gentlemen! The medical and all other professions have given up hope after several members of the … (insert any given nationality here!) government were diagnosed as being social retards. Their symptoms are: – Impaired conscience – Egotist’s syndrome – Sympathy disorder – Empathy dysfunction – Emotional decrepitude – Arbitrary amnesia and […]