Greenpeace’s Tokyo-Two – Pause.

English: This is the whale massacre happening ...
English: This is the whale massacre happening each year in Faroe Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Flaming Vegan.

Have you heard of Japan’s “Tokyo-Two”? Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki are the two Greenpeace activists – both Japanese – that intercepted a box of whale meat that was meant as a gift to a crewmember of one of the whale ships that continue to kill whales on the endangered species list mercilessly. These two were imprisoned and a trial was held on September 6th, 2010.

A recap. The whalers were actually government-funded, meaning that Japanese taxpayers’ money was what paid for the crew, the boats, the material, the food… well, you get my drift. Claiming to be doing scientific research on these ocean mammals, the boats had a malevolent operation underway.

You see, these whalers were actually after the meat, not the data. Sure, there were scientists on board and real data collected to ensure the cover-up was complete, but the illegal sale of the meat took place shortly afterwards. The box Sato and Suzuki intercepted, or “stole”, as the police named it, contained 23.5kg of salted unesu whale meat, worth approximately one to three thousand US dollars. When asked, the whaling fleet said that the purchase was fully legitimate, bought from the ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research), and these boxes were souvenirs for the crew. However, an investigation turned up nothing; no receipt of the purchase was ever found, and three others claimed to have given the owner of the box some of the meat from their own allocation.

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