Please, WordPress, These People Need Help!!!

By: TigerLillyxxx On Experience Project: TO ALL : EMERGENCY 1) Many people are trapped in high rises. No food, water, and heat. Extraction teams need to deploy NOW. 2) New York needs WATER. 6 to 10 Semi loads of water ASAP. This info comes from contacts of friends who have been called pleading for this help. […]

the common medlar ; forgotten sweetness… (but in my garden)

I love you, rotten, Delicious rottenness. I love to suck you out from your skins So brown and soft and coming suave, So morbid, as the Italians say. What a rare, powerful, reminiscent flavour Comes out of your falling through the stages of decay: Stream within stream. Something of the same flavour as Syracusan muscat wine […]

Greenpeace’s Tokyo-Two – Pause.

From the Flaming Vegan. Have you heard of Japan’s “Tokyo-Two”? Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki are the two Greenpeace activists – both Japanese – that intercepted a box of whale meat that was meant as a gift to a crewmember of one of the whale ships that continue to kill whales on the endangered species list […]