Parenting: proof that Isaac Newton knew nothing about physics

Love the cartoon!

I've become my parents

parental physics

It’s been a while since my last physics class but I remember learning about this guy named Isaac Newton. An apple once hit him on the head and he suddenly realized that if you let go of something, it will fall. It was a big deal because, before that, I guess nobody had noticed. Smart guy.

After the Big Apple Event, Newton got to thinking about physics and came up with some rules about how it all works. People thought they were pretty great and decided to call them Newton’s Laws of Motion.

People that make up laws on their own without talking to anybody about it first are usually called evil dictators, but Newton was knighted.  Weird.

Well, Newton was wrong.

I don’t know whether he had kids, but I’m guessing he didn’t. If he had, he would have known that there were some serious flaws in his so…

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