I Love Animals and Nature,

But I Question People!

Pet Area
Pet Area (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

From  oldfarmguy on Experience Project.

After finishing todays morning feeding and chores, I was walking the quarter mile to my daughters house to stay with the grandchildren until the school bus came.
On the way there it was raining lightly. The entire walk there I could hear a dog in the woods.
His bark was a low sad bark, his whine was almost unbearable.

Seems someone has dropped yet another pet off in the wilds of nature.

Do they not understand that “pet” has never learned to fend for itself?
Do they get that that “pet” doesn’t even know how to protect itself from the rain and the chill?
Do they realize there are wild animals there that are just waiting to make that “pet” a meal?
That “pet” doesn’t even know how to catch something to eat, you’ve been feeding it during it’s entire life.

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