Questions About The Human Experience~

What’s This All About?
This life is an interesting experiment. Sometimes none of it makes any sense at all to me.
All of the suffering, all of the sorrow, what’s IS this crazy adventure we call “life” all about anyway?
Why should anyone be homeless or hungry, there’s far more than enough!
I entertain the idea that we’re simply little points of energy learning how to navigate and interpret the human experience, but WHY?
The difficulty is that the flesh is so fickle and then you add the mysterious drip drip of hormones and basic human need.
Not to mention those wild emotional spasms that interrupt our youthful merriment. What about those
ongoing spiritual growth spurts…and selfish back slides?
It’s bound to get messy.
Why is one human born into wealth and grace and another born into poverty and hopelessness?
Why do some find love and others search their entire lives and no one kind and unconditional ever once steps into their path and loves them forever? Why must some have so much and others have so little?
Why do some need so much and others need so little?
Why are some hearts soft and yielding while others are stone cold? Why are some children loved while others die of abuse and neglect? Why do very bad people live to be healthy well into their old age, and others that are good and loving die young? Why is there a need for constant struggle everywhere we look?
Why do we have to label ourselves as ONE THING, why must nations war in the name of GOD?
Why can’t we all flow and float, merge and wander, discover and share? Why can’t we ALL play sweetly together like children before they learn the word “MINE” and before they learn to control their joy? Before they develop “sophisticated” thinking. Why does maturity corrupt us so? These are just a few of the things that I think about when I walk across the hills all alone.

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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