Questions About The Human Experience~

What’s This All About? This life is an interesting experiment. Sometimes none of it makes any sense at all to me. All of the suffering, all of the sorrow, what’s IS this crazy adventure we call “life” all about anyway? Why should anyone be homeless or hungry, there’s far more than enough! I entertain the […]

Art, My Arse!

Katten krijsen in het stadhuis from Gazet van Antwerpen on Vimeo. On Thursday, October 25, 2012 a horrible scene took place in the Antwerp City Hall: cats were thrown meters into the air. Just before the scenes were shot, they got tranquilizers to keep them calm! The event was filmed by an official of the […]

The Silver Winged One~

The Silver Winged One~ Your energy came and visited me today~ You appeared in watery colors of blue and silver grey~ You didn’t speak in words, words just wouldn’t suffice~ No no, you spoke in oceans and stars, in sunshine and in ice~ As you were leaving, I surveyed your magick trail~ Lovely winged grace […]