Earth Song

I listen to the earth song

The humming of the land.

Wind howling round the eaves

And in the trees.

On the shore the sea

Rushes, gulls cry

Seals echo eerily.

Rain falls, drumming, pattering,

Streaming down the hillsides.

I hear the robin calling sweetly

At daybreak,

Tawny owls in the darkness.

Cat fights and the screams

of little creatures dying.

Hedgehogs crunching, frogs dropping

Ploppily into the pond.

The gentle base notes of the bees at noon.

Women singing lullabies.

Sky larks high above the dunes.

I listen to the earth song.

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  1. I’ve said it before….You’re an amazing writer, I love your poetry PollyWeaver~ this is well ripened and rich, I want to consume this, stir it in my coffee and savour the lines until they become part of me! Have a blessed Samhain~


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