China, Hands Off Tibet!

Tibet: An elderly Tibetan women holding a pray...

A billion people, who think they are morally and culturally superior to everybody else, should be considered a global menace. For whatever happens to what they perceive as the ‘Untermensch‘ is of no consequence to them. Add to that several trillion Yuan and you have a recipe for disaster. A prime example of their mentality is what happened in Tibet.

Was it that decades ago they thought the Tibetan belief system a threat to their own religion of communism? They certainly did not need to fear invasion from a practically non-existent Tibetan army. Is the region strategically important? One doubts it. Any valuable natural resources or heavy industry to profit from? Negative. So why did they invade this peace-loving nation?

The answer is simply because they could. A show of muscle to the rest of the world: stop us if you dare! Now after year and years of tyranny, of destroying temples and terrorizing the population, the Tibetans have finally had enough and retaliate in the only fashion open to them, self-immolation. They would rather suffer an excruciating death than stay mute and allow this to go on forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to make a stand! What is China’s strength? The faulty goods, which they mass-produce and sell for ridiculously low prices all over the world. Why do people buy products that they know one hundred percent certain will fall apart the first time they use them? Because they are dirt cheap! Should we stop being so idiotic and boycott any merchandise made in the People’s Republic of China, maybe they would sit up and take notice.

Nothing else will do the trick. Anybody could talk to their leaders until they were blue in the face and the ‘benign’ gentlemen would merely smile, nod and continue as before, in the firm (and perhaps just) belief that the barbarians know no better anyway. My mind, for one, is made up. I’ll buy nothing whatsoever that comes out of the P.R.C..

And China, get out of Tibet!

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