For the Love of Haiku

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UK ruled by ghouls– the Coalition unmasked. Military coup. Just couldn’t resist this one — only joking guys, so please don’t come and arrest me! I’m just having some wonderfully harmless fun over at And a big thankyou to adollyciousirony, who says “Since All Saints Day Celebration is coming,…

Tradition or Brutal Murder: the Controversial Seal Hunt

The seal hunt is an activity that has sparked quite a lot of controversy over the decades. Done mainly off the northeast coast of the province of Newfoundland, Canada, the killing of this species made the news time and time again, mostly because the ones attacked more often are the babies. Seal pups have a […]

October 27 1970 Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber release Jesus Christ Superstar

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Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice On October 27th 1970, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, who would go on to become the most successful composer-lyricist team in modern theatre history, released a double-LP “concept” album called Jesus Christ Superstar, which only later would become the smash-hit Broadway…

China, Hands Off Tibet!

A billion people, who think they are morally and culturally superior to everybody else, should be considered a global menace. For whatever happens to what they perceive as the ‘Untermensch‘ is of no consequence to them. Add to that several trillion Yuan and you have a recipe for disaster. A prime example of their mentality […]