57th Tibetan sets himself on fire to fight for a free Tibet, that is less and less likely

Originally posted on China News:
Dhondup Another Tibetan Monk set himself on fire on the morning of October 22. It is the second self-immolation of Tibetan monks in 48 hours, third in ten days and the 57th since 2009, said Free Tibet. The 50-year-old monk named Dhondup finished his morning meditation as usual, walked to the…

The Dance of Buddha With a Thousand Hands!

From the 4th Confucius Institute Conference. These are deaf, mute girls performing the dance. They are now being asked to perform all over the world. The prompters at the side of the stage can be seen now and again. Enjoy! http://college.chinese.cn/conference09/article/2009-12/12/content_93218.htm   As it is in Chinese, I don’t know how to embed this, if it […]