The Tide Is Turning!

Scotland_090 (Photo credit: asifch)

This has turned out to be a wonderful day so far. I was sleeping in a bank yesterday, because of the rain and the cold, when a Scottish couple came in to get some money from the cash machine and the man David gave me a ten pound note. After conferring briefly with his lovely wife Diane, he asked me if I would like to sleep in an apartment. I answered that I would not be averse to that.

The fact of the matter was that they had rented a flat here for a week, but then changed their mind and went to stay in Benidorm, thus leaving the one over here empty. I now have a pad of my own till Thursday, free of charge, thanks to these wonderful people. They told me that they also have had hard lives and know what it feels like to be poor. If only the rich showed us poor people the same consideration.

I woke up in a bed, for a change, had a lovely shower and after changing the tenner, went and had breakfast and am now in an internet café to tell you all about it. All that remains for me to say is: Long live Scotland and bonny Prince Charley! (or something along those lines.) Thank you ever so much, Dave and Diane! I’ll never forget your kindness.

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