Yummy, Yummy Recipe!

Ingredients: 100 gr Cheddar cheese 300 gr smoked salmon 1 cucumber 3 spring onions 10 radishes 1 lemon 1 quart of sour cream lightly toasted sunflower seeds salt and black pepper virgin olive oil Preparation: 1. put 80 gr of Cheddar, 1/2 a lemon, the sour cream, table-spoon of olive oil + salt and black pepper […]

Amazing Avocados!

Reblogged from The Flaming Vegan: I think you will  all agree with me that avocados are amazing, when you read all these facts about them! They are my favourite edible plant and not only do they taste superb, but I have recently discovered they are also reputedly a superfood. So it is great to know that […]

The Tide Is Turning!

This has turned out to be a wonderful day so far. I was sleeping in a bank yesterday, because of the rain and the cold, when a Scottish couple came in to get some money from the cash machine and the man David gave me a ten pound note. After conferring briefly with his lovely […]