Message From RubIxSKube…

Hello to all at The Portal… KubIxSRube here…!! 😉

Well, what can I say….? its been a while…! I feel absolutely no shame in admitting that I lost my way a little, in life as well as creatively… there have been some pretty rough times in my life, personal tragedies that seem to follow me around like a black cloud. But sooner than let it all get on top of me, I turned it into words — as is my usual way. I find it quite weird, when I sit down purposefully to write a poem/song or anything lyrical, nothing happens… it is the struggles that go on inside my head that fuel my work, and in a way I find that sad because it shouldn’t take mental trauma to kick-start the creative flow. But one thing that is certain, my words are raw emotion… my poetry is sometimes quite dark in its nature, but it is… was, and forever will be REAL.

Take Care, Kris.

Published by RubIxSKube

Complex individual... card-carrying goth/mosher/metalhead. Writer of poems and lyrics inspired by life and compassion... through depression and pain, I see with a clearer eye... I let music and poetry become my bullets to fight off my demons. I'm beautiful as a car crash, as leaves without their trees... but I'm imperfect perfection baby -- unique, disturbing... me! ;) Be inspired, be an inspiration... and most of all, believe...* Guns

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