The Old Ralphie Is Back!

stick insect
stick insect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you all know, I’m a bit skinny like a stick insect, because of this crisis business, malnutrition and what have you. But Ralphie has been eating more of late and now I have more energy. I feel I should  do some physical exercise, like lifting something heavy to strengthen my torso and my arms.

I thought of chopping wood first with a big axe, but knowing myself I would probably chop off my foot in a moment of absent-mindedness. Therefore, I would have to be the lifting. I could try lifting a log for half an hour every day. On second thought, maybe a stick or a small branch. No, I shall start lifting a twig for half an hour every day from now on. Then I’ll move up to a branch until I eventually make it to the bog, sorry the log.

In no time I’ll be lifting redwoods and a little while later I’ll be twirling them like batons. People will start calling me the Incredible Rulcke. Yup. that’s me in about two weeks, three weeks tops! You might wonna watch the news, people. Luvs you all to bits. Toodeloo and hugs from me.

Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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