Hello folks!

Avignon (Photo credit: LucaXino)

Left Bayonne and arrived in Avignon a couple a days ago. It is a truly beautiful city and I loved the people. However, when I talked to a social assistant there he explained that I would have to stay in a halfway home and be there at four thirty in the afternoon and stay till nine the next morning. I would have to show up for lunch at twelve. If I failed to do this one single time, there would be no more next time. I stayed in this place for one night, but I can not do this, people.

Ralphie is a free spirit and can not be caged up behind bars and a locked door. So, I left and am back in Spain, in Barcelona. I’ll try to get a job in Alicante first and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll go further south. I WILL find work though!!!

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I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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