Divine Walking~ )O(

I try to walk at least a mile in nature each day. In the warm months, I walk at the beginning or the end of the day. This is an intimate ritual for me, a quiet time of meditation and reflection. While walking and thinking~ my life and the people in it begin to make sense, my work and my passions seem to fall into place with each heel strike. The world is often glowing golden at twilight time and can appear to be a sterling star washed silver as the day awakens. Each walk is a production of great glamour and high drama. Being a witch is not a choice for me, taking the time to connect with nature is part of who I am. Walking across these beloved green hills and strolling among the gilded trees and feeling a part of it all is how I seek “The Divine.” On these walks, I never fail to realize a profound gratitude for the artistry of The Goddess~ I am a daughter of the elements, the landscape is my altar, the rising sun is my sacred flame, my life force is charged with reverence and humble devotion.

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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