~The Upright Dead~

Their mouths move, but nothing gets said
I can see them now, the upright but dead

Giggling and giddy, filled with heavenly cheer
Offering to pray for everyone here

Look in their eyes and shocked you will be
For there is no soul in there to see~

They’re occupied, or missing, or bloodlessly gone
All I can feel is the ground that I walk upon~

The sun on my face, the bird on a limb,
The rabbit, the raven, the brown winged wren

So~ evermore life goes on
The stars will burn, the earth will turn~

While everyone is dizzy busy and swell
Zombies all pining for heaven~while living in hell~


Introducing: Milladoiro!

For those of you, who do not already know them, I would like to introduce the mythical Celtic band Milladoiro from Galicia. With their guitar, violin, keyboard, percussion and gaita(= pipes) they combine the ultimate of all good things Celtic. These lads are true masters of their vocation. I had the honour and the pleasure of hearing them live at the Quintana in Santiago de Compostela on the 20th of July 2012. Next they are going on a tour of the Caribbean. Guys, if you need someone to carry your guitar, violin of whichever, Ralphie is your man! Guys… GUYS!!!

I was listening awestruck and in a trance and thinking for the umpteenth time since I entered Galicia: “YES, I have come home at last!” There is something about this magical land, its people and its culture that moves me to the core. When I let myself, I enter into a natural nigh. just breathing in the mystical atmosphere. The only thing I dread is the upcoming winter. I simply most find shelter before then!

I met a fellow artist (oil painter also) called Bob(Robert Rawlings!!!) from the U.K., who lives over here and he inspired me to make a quick but nice sketch and to write some more. Thank you, bob! The man actually has an exposition going in the library here, but due to lack of publicity, hardly anyone has seen it. I shall go to see it for sure tomorrow(written 22/7 saw it now: he´s utterly brilliant in his portraits!) and report on it afterwards. I shiver in anticipation, like a nun who is about to have communion with Jesus Christ.

Bob is the second painter I´ve met here so far. The first one was a Compostelan named Javier and he was painting under an arch and exhibiting at the same time. When I noticed him doing his thing, I went over and told him to move over and let me at it, followed by saying that I was only kidding… but only half! He didn´t let me, the stingy sod! Just kidding… but only half!! We started talking about art and the time just flew by, only occasionally interrupted by the odd, annoying prospective customer. Nobody bought though.

Did you know that Santiago is the final resting place of the remains of the apostle St. James? Peo`ple have been coming here to pay tribute to him for two thousand years and their combined religious and spiritual energy permeates the air somehow. Last Friday evening saw the entrance of Apostle Week, with concerts and spectacles(not me for once!) everywhere. I wich you all could be here to share in the festivities! But I guess I shall have to bear the weight of its lightness, accompanied by just a handful of new friends. I´ll let you know how it worked out. Toodeloo, gang. Hugs from Ralphie XXX.