~The Ole Witch~

Tis not easy being a witch
So many want you to scratch their itch

Woe is me, for I work nights
Riding my broom at lofty heights

Women all want a love true spell
Men tell me I’ll go to hell

Herbs and magick, one two three
It’s not that easy to be me

Dashing around here and there
Pluck and gather with such care

Light the candles, burn the herb
Ringing phones cannot disturb

Dog and cats and cawing crows
Ask the ole crone, to see if she knows

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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  1. How does any man know whether you or anyone else is going to hell? Besides, if heaven isn’t the place where every living thing “goes” upon death then, I don’t want any part of it…


    1. I’m with you Lindy Lee! 😀 A heaven with no creatures…filled with stuffed shirts singing hymns all day~~ walking on streets of gold…. oh so proud of their good works and their great humility….hmmmmmm …not my cup of tea either~


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