For My Future Belovéd…

English: Future Love

English: Future Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whoever she is,

Wherever she may be,

I call on  thee!

May the stars up above

give you a shove.

Open your eyes,

see through the lies,

Come now, come hither,

no longer dither!

I´ll no longer wait.

Harken to fate!

Lift the veil´s lace,

show me your face!

I love thee, I love thee, I love thee!

By the power of three, invested in me,

Forever by your side I promise to be.!

So it is written, so mote it be!

In the meantime, I shall add my flame to the brightness of being.


Galicia, Land of Magic!

English: Flag of Galicia Español: Bandera de G...

English: Flag of Galicia Español: Bandera de Galicia Galego: Bandeira de Galicia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally made it to Galicia yesterday. YEAHHHHH!!!! It is sooooo beautiful, it´s indiscribable. I wish I had a camera! I shall have to start painting some day, for sure. Ooohhh, my fingers are itching for a brush and some paint. Hugs from Ralphie…