Pictures from the Camino 1.

This does not seem very steep, but this little molehill almost killed me! It´s near Boadillo, if I´m not mistaken.

from Isabelle Lampaerts

Picture of our two shadows, Isabelle´s and mine.

from Isabelle Lampaerts


Roll Over Beethoven! – LOL

He must be turning over in his grave!

from Exposing this sorry world to my own brand of twisted humor.

Divine Walking~ )O(

I try to walk at least a mile in nature each day. In the warm months, I walk at the beginning or the end of the day. This is an intimate ritual for me, a quiet time of meditation and reflection. While walking and thinking~ my life and the people in it begin to make sense, my work and my passions seem to fall into place with each heel strike. The world is often glowing golden at twilight time and can appear to be a sterling star washed silver as the day awakens. Each walk is a production of great glamour and high drama. Being a witch is not a choice for me, taking the time to connect with nature is part of who I am. Walking across these beloved green hills and strolling among the gilded trees and feeling a part of it all is how I seek “The Divine.” On these walks, I never fail to realize a profound gratitude for the artistry of The Goddess~ I am a daughter of the elements, the landscape is my altar, the rising sun is my sacred flame, my life force is charged with reverence and humble devotion.

A Blessed Crone Witch~

This old mountain is alive, aware and alert and wearing her most sensual navy blue dress tonight. Crickets and frogs are humming; rain is falling softly, soundlessly. I know that there is a small group of reddish brown does that are sleeping together one hundred feet below me. There are gray doves sleeping in scruffy pine trees and my favorite old hoot owl is resting upon a branch somewhere along the Oaky ridge above me as I write this. There is too much life out there to fall asleep tonight. I feel it rising up inside of me, sliding, running, coursing through me. Summer is whispering how tired she is and I am sitting with her tonight, comforting her, telling her my secrets as she nods off now and again. A three wick candle burns on a bed of black rocks and creamy sea shells in my cauldron and a black cat sits beneath my desk lamp watching my fingers with primitive feline fascination. I am thinking of how blessed I feel right now to be a silver haired crone witch suffering the wonders of insomnia.

Day of the Apostle 2012 in Santiago

There was a show with firework displays and a laser show that showed some dramatic effects, like making it look as if the cathedral fell down in ruins. Here´s the spectacular video:

El Camino: The Experience!

Camino de Santiago, junio de 2008. Día 1: Orre...

Camino de Santiago, junio de 2008. Día 1: Orreaga (Roncesvalles)-Villaba (37,5 km) (Photo credit: prezius)

This is a subject, which is hard to write about. It being complex in its spiritual nature. There is a duality to it, because on the one hand the road is always changing. You see a new village every five to ten kilometers, you constantly meet new people, who are all in some way connected to the Camino and nature in its effervescent diversity unfailingly surprises you with its beauty.

On the other hand, there is the physical exercise of walking, which after five K´s or so of getting into your rhythm, lifts you up into a kind of trance like state. Your whole being expands and connects with that of your fellow pilgrims and with the road itself, which is drenched with the energy of innumerable supplicants, who have travelled it over the past two millenia. The power emanating from it is enormous. Nobody who travels it is immune to it. Time starts playing tricks on you: it slows down, speeds up and at times seems to stand still.

You body is of course taking a severe punishment, which it is not used to. The aches and pains are your constant companions, but you learn to push them aside and finally to ignore them. As time goes on, you are pleasantly surprised at the developing muscles  and at your own staying power. I feel stronger and fitter now than I have in decades!

Then there is the destination Santiago, which is both a blessing and a curse along the course of the Camino. Because although you long to reach it and hope for the deliverance from whatever ails you after reaching it, at the same time the further you get, the longer you wish it would take. It´s almost addictive, in fact it is addictive. Many people have decided, after traveling this mystical Camino, that they never want to leave it again and build their lives along one spot on it, which suits them best. then there are the others, who although they to home to their regular lives, keep coming back to it time after time. To those of you, who are contemplating doing this pilgrimage for the first time, I give the following caution: think it over carefully before you start, for it WILL change your life forever!

If you think that this is just a Catholic or a Christian thing, forget it! Jews, Muslims, people from all denominations and even atheists have travelled this path and not one was unmoved or unchanged by it. Another thing which surprised me was the good will of all the pilgrims without exception and their sense of companionship. You will never be left wanting for help. a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. The Camino furthermore has its own rules of pureness. Respect for nature and for others is paramount. No littering or stealing going on there!

Back to the nature. I´ve alwaysliked Spain for the beauty of it, but the part along the Camino truly is breathtaking. At times, you ask yourself if you have not stumbled into a fairy tale. But then… maybe you have! The roiling wheat-seas between Burgos and León and the wooded mountain landscapes of Galicia are the most beautiful I´ve ever witnessed.

Now, be honest, are you not longing to come over here and experience it all? Hugs from Ralphie!

Las Moscas d’Esquadra.


Mossos d'Esquadra police car and plate.

Mossos d’Esquadra police car and plate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hace un rato, estaba en Barcelona por la tercera vez y encontré un joven Catalán. Charlabamos un momento, cuando yo comentaba que las Moscas d´Esquadra eran como una plaga para la gente de la calle.


El me miraba como si fuera un idiota de guiri y me dice: “Pero no, tio, se dice Los Mossos d´Esquadra!”(policia de Cataluña). Le digo: “Ah, no lo sabía!” y seguía: “Estaba tomándome una siesta esta tarde en el parque y las moscas no me dejaban dormir. Siempre rodeando alrededor de mí, molestándome y porque? Porque no dejan a la gente pobre que duermen y porque les siguen por todos los lados? De noche la misma cosa con sus ´Bzzz bzzz´. Ah no, eso son los mosquitos!”


Por fin le pregunté: “Dime, también hay Mosquitos d´Esquadra?” Se reía y contestaba: “Puede ser, amiguete, puede ser!”


Dragon Fly

I see a Dragonfly flutter by on a whisper in the breeze

Coming ever so close now for you to see me, almost as if to tease.

I see you with all your wonderful colors bold and bright,

Makes me curious, where do you go in the night?

You fly around by day ever so silent, a glimpse of you here and there

Flying around every day and everywhere as if you haven’t a care.

You act as if you heard me, now you and have come to stare.

Eyes so big, wow what a scare for smaller insects to see this glare

Very Inspiring blog Award !!!

Ralphie´s Portal was recently nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, for which I thank DoodleDad profusely!

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

1. Display the award logo somewhere on your blog.(Kawa, borrowed yours, hope you don´t mind!?)
2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.(they can see that through the pingbacks!)

One and two, check!

7 things about myself:

1. I might have mentioned somewhere already that I can be a tad stubborn at times.

2. I´m a romantic fool.

3. I have awesome friends, here on the portal and elsewhere!

4. I´m as thick as a bucket with two holes in it(think about it!)

5. I LOVE coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. I am NOT addicted to the internet! – What a silly notion…

7. I don´t know what to put for number 7, as I am a loss for inspiration!

If my colleagues want to state seven things about themselves, they can do so in the comment box.

Blogger I wish to nominate:

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Happy bloggin to all!!!

That Sweet Wonder of Seeing.

Western Sweet-cicely, Sierran Sweet-cicely

Western Sweet-cicely, Sierran Sweet-cicely (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When at last you stop fleeing,

That sweet wonder of seeing,

finally… what was always there,

whether here or anywhere.


To be  content with just this,

no longer feeling that you miss,

wishing for nothing more,

the inner self no longer sore.


To love yourself and everyone,

dancing, laughing, having fun!

Awestruck by each starting dawn.

Watching dew melt on the lawn.


The birds, your friends, are everywhere.

Whistled notes soar through the air,

fashioning rainbows into song.

Was there ever anything wrong???