Support My Gran´s Shelter for Abandoned Pets!

Don't Abandon Your Pets in the Summer!
Don’t Abandon Your Pets in the Summer! (Photo credit: antipax)

It took a rather nasty experience to force me to re-evaluate life in general. I shall no longer dwell on the negative aspects, because this is the whole point of yet another of life´s lessons. I have been trying, to no avail, to get a point across, which is that the mind can be disciplined not to focus on the negative, but to embrace the light. Everybody has problems, to a lesser or worse extent. If you choose to dwell on them, get caught up in them, then you inexorably spiral downwards.

However, if instead you focus on the silver lining, then you can at least cope and will eventually surmount that molehill, which you thought was a mountain. I have met a number of people, who were a lot worse of than I am, but who embraced life and all its beauty. I admired them immensely for this and thought: “If only I could do this!” Only, there is no “If only…”, there is but the choice: yes or no! If by now you do not get the point, then please join Facebook or Twitter. Maybe someone over there might enlighten you.

No-one will shackle my spirit to a nightmare, when I can choose to live a wonderful dream! (Thank you, john and the Reverend) In other words, reality, such as it is, can be changed by my or your perception of it.

People have lost the dream. That is the whole problem of today, with some notable exceptions! I would like to take the time now, not to give a flower, nor a bouquet, but a whole field of daisies to my adopted Gran, Sheila Ross-Kuhn, for being the bestest, most wonderful human being that I know. If only(!!!???) her heart of gold could be sold for what it is really worth, she would be a billionaire! If there is a way, which I shall endeavour to find out, of donating a little something to her shelter for abandoned pets, which she started in memory of her beloved, deceased daughter, please do so!

Gran, don´t let your aureola sag and keep a stiff upper lip, no sobbing allowed, because these are your just desserts! I love you to bits, A big hug and a smackeroo from Lil Ralphie.

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