Camino De Santiago De Compostela.

Galego: Estatua de leiteira. Santiago de Compo...

Galego: Estatua de leiteira. Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (España) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After having a conversation with a young man called Alex from Barcelona, who is also homeless, I decided to follow his advice and walk it to Santiago along the pilgrim´s trail. I left Burgos four days ago and have walked about 120 kilometers so far, with a backpack on my back(very aptly named are those things!) I´m hurting all over, but I am getting fitter every day. Money is as always a problem though. Any donations towards food and a roof over my head for the night would be mightily appreciated. Up to you of course, I will survive somehow…

I have also decided to stay indefinitely in Galicia, which everybody tells me is a land of magic. Being some kind of a mage, that is where I should be and that is where I shall stay. However, the winters over there are harsh and brutal, with cold, snow and what have you. I´m doing this Camino to ask the Powers that Be to help me get off of the street somehow… Again, any help whatsoever would be appreciated.

I have to get moving again, as always: hugs and kisses from Lil Ralphie! Ciao, wonderful people!

The Summer Crone~ )O(

The merry ole crone is out for the day
Broom propped “straw up” while she is away.
Her skirts are cotton, she smells of a rose.
By her violet door, herbs and flowers now grow.
Sage and Rosemary sizzle there in the sun
The labors of summer, yet to be done

In her heart, she conjures the death of it all,
The sacred bend of harvest and fall
She walks~ clutching the call of a dove
The wheel ever turns~ below and above

The Naked Crone )O(

The Naked Crone
Knows too much
Cares and Cannot care
A cape of fog
Dropped in delight
She leaps naked~above and below
Licking the flames
Bells on her fingers and toes
Cauldron Bellied
Star Eyed
Warm wand hands
Fired up
Twisting, bending
Glowing, knowing, teaching
learning and growing~

Mars Yamalov – Violinist!

I heard this guy live in a fleamarket in Zaragosa and his music brought tears to my eyes!

Violinista Solista, Profesor Titulado de Violin, Músico de Cámara
Actualmente durante 10 años reside en Zaragoza (España), donde forma parte de la agrupación de Música de Cámara, que se llama “Grupo ARYADA” y realizando con este grupo múltiples conciertos por el territorio nacional, ampliando su repertorio con los mejores ejemplos de cultura musical clásica y popular del país.

1988 – 2001 – Trabajo en el grupo de primeros violines en la Orquesta Sinfónica de Volvogrado, con la cual ha participado en actuaciones en: Alemania, Italia, España, Francia, Austria, Suecia, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Bélgica.

Vegan Outrage!

Raw vegan lunch. Spicy seaweed wraps with pean...

Raw vegan lunch. Spicy seaweed wraps with peanut sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read this on a shop window of a Vegan restaurant in Barcelona and thought I should share it with you:

Spicesism: discrimination against a person on the basis of which spices he or she prefers!

Ralphie Is In Burgos.

Facade of "O Obradoiro", cathedral o...

Facade of “O Obradoiro”, cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Urges…. – Joke

From sweetpleasure on Experience Project.

A new Army Captain was assigned to an outfit in a remote post in the Afghan Desert .

During his first inspection of the outfit, he noticed a camel hitched up behind the mess tent.

He asked the Sergeant why the camel was kept there.

The nervous sergeant said, ‘Sir, as you know, there are 250 men here on the post and no women. Sometimes the men have urges. That’s why we have Molly The Camel.

The Captain said, ‘I can’t say that I condone this, but I can understand about the ‘urges’, so the camel can stay.’

About a month later, the Captain starts having his own ‘urges’.

Crazed with passion, he asked the Sergeant to bring the camel to his tent.

Putting a ladder behind the camel, the Captain stands on the ladder, pulls his pants down and makes passionate love to the camel.

When he’s done, he asked the Sergeant, ‘Is that how the men do it?’

‘No sir. They usually just ride the camel into town. That’s where the girls are.”

Ralphie Shall Have To Leave Barcelona!

Much as I love it here, the bloody cops will not let me make a living. Wherever I sit down to beg, they tell me: “You can´t sit here. It´s not allowed!” There are an awful lot of us here though… and I get food from the nuns. I´m not starving, but life is not just about eating or is it?

I think I shall leave tomorrow morning after the food, with what little money I have left over from Gandia. I´ve made 1 Euro and 20 cents here in 4 days! Pity, I would have liked to have stayed a couple of weeks more, but this is really not working out. Well, see you when I see you, folks!

P.S.: My book is still for sale…(nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!)

Yawll Didn´t Give Up On Me, Now Did Yah!!???

Casa Milà at dusk in Barcelona, Spain. The bui...

Casa Milà at dusk in Barcelona, Spain. The building is known either as ‘Casa Milà’ (the owner’s name) and popular called ‘La Pedrera’ because of its look. Taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lil Ralphie is in Barcelona now, thanks to another little miracle, but I don´t have the time(money) to tell you all about it. I came here to see a dear friend of mine and what do I hear? He passed away two years ago on the street, farewell dear Paul! You are sorely missed. I don´t know if I wrote this already but my friend in Gandia, a German called Stephan and his lady Maite have both passed on aswell. We´re falling like flies, people! Anyways, though I am understandably depressed about all this, I carry on the daily business of living. May the light be with all of you and good speed… Hugs from Lil Ralphie.

From The Hill~ A Witchy Poem~

I am calling from the hill
Feel me now, and feel me real

Take my hand and come my way
Know my heart by night and day

Save your body and save your soul
Save yourself, so you’ll grow old

Feel Her rain and feel Her heat
In your head and in your feet

Feel Her Love and run to Her
Feel Her power within you stir

Know Her well and Know Her deep
Hear Her singing you to sleep

Come to me and sing my song
Love me sweet and love me long

Come see the moon, we’ll gaze at stars
Light the candles, stoke the fires

Stir the cauldron, ring the bell
Close the book and wish all well

From the hill I’ve called you dear
Come to me, I want you near~

Inactive For A While…

English: Example of Spencerian script.

Dear readers, I am still writing(longhand on paper), but I simply do not have the money to be able to afford an internet café at the moment. If I want to keep up my strength, I shall have to think about food first. Therefore I shall have to  leave you for a while, until when I don´t know. I luves you all and pray that you have a good life. Till the next time!

To my friends and fellow-authors, please keep up the good work…

Father’s Day

He never made a fortune, or a noise
In the world where men are seeking after fame;
But he had a healthy brood of girls and boys
Who loved the very ground on which he trod.
They thought him just little short of God;
Oh you should have heard the way they said his name –

There seemed to be a loving little prayer
In their voices, even when they called him ‘Dad.’
Though the man was never heard of anywhere,
As a hero, yet somehow understood
He was doing well his part and making good;
And you knew it, by the way his children had
Of saying ‘Father.’

He gave them neither eminence nor wealth,
But he gave them blood untainted with a vice,
And opulence of undiluted health.
He was honest, and unpurchable and kind;
He was clean in heart, and body, and in mind.
So he made them heirs to riches without price –
This father.

He never preached or scolded; and the rod –
Well, he used it as a turning pole in play.
But he showed the tender sympathy of God.
To his children in their troubles, and their joys.
He was always chum and comrade with his boys,
And his daughters – oh, you ought to hear them say

Now I think of all achievements ‘tis the least
To perpetuate the species; it is done
By the insect and the serpent, and the beast.
But the man who keeps his body, and his thought,
Worth bestowing on an offspring love-begot,
Then the highest earthly glory he was won,
When in pride a grown-up daughter or a son
Says ‘That’s Father.’

Call to the Crones

Where are the owls


Called into the smoky trees

of Summer?

Calling in the daytime.

Songs of desolation.

Where are the hares?

The horses? Epona?

The chalky grassland

has abandoned them.


We, The Wild Ones must,

In Spirit, gather now.

Leave the gardens

And the fenced off fields.

Here, on the fore shore

In the space

between the tides,

between the worlds,

we need to weave a web

of love and welcome,

to forge a channel

for the powers

of Life and Joy.

A Message From A Wise Man!

Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama) 2008, 2005 & 2...

Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama) 2008, 2005 & 2004 (Finalist in 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Given the scale of life in the cosmos, one human life is no more than a tiny blip. Each one of us is a just visitor to this planet, a guest, who will only stay for a limited time. What greater folly could there be than to spend this short time alone, unhappy or in conflict with our companions? Far better, surely, to use our short time here in living a meaningful life, enriched by our sense of connection with others and being of service to them.

Support My Gran´s Shelter for Abandoned Pets!

Don't Abandon Your Pets in the Summer!
Don’t Abandon Your Pets in the Summer! (Photo credit: antipax)

It took a rather nasty experience to force me to re-evaluate life in general. I shall no longer dwell on the negative aspects, because this is the whole point of yet another of life´s lessons. I have been trying, to no avail, to get a point across, which is that the mind can be disciplined not to focus on the negative, but to embrace the light. Everybody has problems, to a lesser or worse extent. If you choose to dwell on them, get caught up in them, then you inexorably spiral downwards.

However, if instead you focus on the silver lining, then you can at least cope and will eventually surmount that molehill, which you thought was a mountain. I have met a number of people, who were a lot worse of than I am, but who embraced life and all its beauty. I admired them immensely for this and thought: “If only I could do this!” Only, there is no “If only…”, there is but the choice: yes or no! If by now you do not get the point, then please join Facebook or Twitter. Maybe someone over there might enlighten you.

No-one will shackle my spirit to a nightmare, when I can choose to live a wonderful dream! (Thank you, john and the Reverend) In other words, reality, such as it is, can be changed by my or your perception of it.

People have lost the dream. That is the whole problem of today, with some notable exceptions! I would like to take the time now, not to give a flower, nor a bouquet, but a whole field of daisies to my adopted Gran, Sheila Ross-Kuhn, for being the bestest, most wonderful human being that I know. If only(!!!???) her heart of gold could be sold for what it is really worth, she would be a billionaire! If there is a way, which I shall endeavour to find out, of donating a little something to her shelter for abandoned pets, which she started in memory of her beloved, deceased daughter, please do so!

Gran, don´t let your aureola sag and keep a stiff upper lip, no sobbing allowed, because these are your just desserts! I love you to bits, A big hug and a smackeroo from Lil Ralphie.

Does The End Justify The Means?

The Borgias (2011 TV series)

I´m happy, because I have a problem, two actually. I have found that when there is a complete lack of problems, life gets boring. And I´ve been known to go to great lengths to avoid boredom, just for the heck of it. What the Chinese consider a curse, namely: “May you live in interesting times!”, is to me a blessing in disguise. You may be wondering by this time what my problem(s) is(or are)!?

You know how, when you are a writer, you sometimes find yourself at a loss about what to write about… The opposite has happened to me over the past few days, in that so much has happened that I could write about, that I simply don´t know where to start. And even more frustratingly, most of it I am forbidden to mention even. for fear of the consequences. I shall keep schtum on all these topics, for reasons that I have mentioned in another chapter. I´ve done well so far, haven´t I?

I´ve already written two paragraphs on not much in particular. Maybe I should have become a speech writer for politicians!!??? Any-way, I´m in Gandia, which entirely  by coincidence, I wrote about a little while ago, only to find everybody whom I knew gone. And I do like a bit of company! Of the right kind of course, because the company I was in a couple of days ago, I want to avoid at all cost! I do not in the least appreciate stocky gentlemen with a complete lack of humor. Nuff said!

The Borgias are still here by the way, looking as grim and sanctimonious as I remembered them. I would like to go on a rant and a rave, but the trouble is that the unpolished truth hurts and people want to forget all about that. All that counts is entertainment, a little respite from your own conscience. Because, … you are not doing wrong to anybody, are you, by being a cog in the machine?

The machine that equates people´s lives, misery and heartbreak to numbers on a spreadsheet!? I shall just say this and then I shall shut up. If you equate, for example, a father or a mother´s inability to provide their children with a crust to eat, with numbers, for the sake of your idolised profit, then you are guilty of a crime, period!

And somewhere, somewhen, you will have to account for your actions. In the meantime, I salute you, with a smile on my face, in the assurance that Karma´s irony will catch up with you… Chiao, Bambini, sleep tight!

To Whom It May Concern:

Facade of "O Obradoiro", cathedral o...

Facade of “O Obradoiro”, cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was forced(literally) to leave Fuengirola yesterday and am now in Granada, still alive and kicking, surprisingly. I can not give any further info. If anybody in Fuengirola reads this, please inform my friends that I am alright. There are not a lot of acquaintances left here that I know. I therefore plan to travel further North to Gandia, perhaps via Murcia. Preliminary destination Barcelona and after that to Santiago de Compostela to see if my friend Freddy is still there.

If my blogging is a bit sketchy from now on, please excuse me for I am on the road and do not know when I shall be able to settle down again. Wish me luck, folks! A hug and a smackeroo from Ralphie!

Just let me tell you this: some days it feels really good to still be alive!

Dark drifting thoughts

I am filled with an emptiness that’s larger than an ocean blue across a vast horizon. Talking does not make me feel better. It only hurts more when the words don’t come as easily as one may think. Talk, but nothing is coming out, only emptiness is left.

I can’t express myself, can’t find myself in this skin suit I’m wearing. I am only a shell of who I used to be. Where have I gone? Where do I begin to look for me?

Shall I light a fire so that I can find my way home? Shall I send out a message in a bottle? It’s hard to describe to someone how you feel when you can’t feel it yourself and the words have disappeared into the darkness of your mind.

Darkness is falling over my soul… the soul of a lost child, trapped in a grown woman’s body and who has never experienced childhood. I have absorbed the sins of my father and mother, and have been lost in their hell.

I want to escape this world, leave it for a beautiful paradise… fly up to the sky, release my chains into the wind, and be free… escape to that quiet place I so desire to find, where I can smell the scents of the earth all over my body and let it blanket me.

I would love to sleep and not wake… slumber deep into the night… drift into a place of limitless air, breathe warm breaths of heaven, and lie down in a pillow of fresh dew.

I have nothing left in me. I am being drained slowly day in and day out. Soon, I will be a shell of who I was, unrecognizable to me or you… nothing left but my hollow corpse of dried blood, cracked flesh, and broken bones.

What used to be has to end. Nothing is as it was. Let go and go forth without hesitation… love and be loved… stay strong and never look back.

I, you, we are only one, and one we will always be.