My Twinkling Little Star…

A short, personal poem I wrote after my then girlfriend suffered a miscarriage… the only of my works that actually makes me cry, even as a man…. I admit that.

I wish I could have known you….
For as little as just a day…
Your little palm wrapped round my finger…
Making worries slip away.
Sometimes I often wonder…
Through what eyes would you see…?
Golden as your mummy…
Or cold and blue like me.
I wish I’d had a second…
To give you all my love…
Before you went and left us…
To join the Lord above.
But your little eyes never opened…
So I’ll love you from afar…
I just wish we’d had a chance…
My twinkling little star.

For my baby, we’ll meet again. xx

Published by RubIxSKube

Complex individual... card-carrying goth/mosher/metalhead. Writer of poems and lyrics inspired by life and compassion... through depression and pain, I see with a clearer eye... I let music and poetry become my bullets to fight off my demons. I'm beautiful as a car crash, as leaves without their trees... but I'm imperfect perfection baby -- unique, disturbing... me! ;) Be inspired, be an inspiration... and most of all, believe...* Guns

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  1. I wrote this as a means of dealing with feelings that, at the time… nobody but me and my (now ex) girlfriend could talk about. And I was very reluctant to burden her with what was on my mind, so I did what I always do and turned to poetry — it was so easy for me to talk to a piece of paper, that way I wouldn’t hurt anyone, and it would always speak back comforting words.

    And the truth is, we stood on my balcony that night, and looked to the sky… and she said to me ‘see that star up there…? thats our baby waiting for mummy and daddy to come home again’. As humans, too many moments like that are lost in time, I wanted that sentiment to live forever.


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