Nine Knots~

I have recently fulfilled a nine knot spell. The matter or the intention of the spell is of little importance, as are the details of the spell. However, the glorious side effects of the “casting” of the spell are what I am going to focus on in this posting.

Witchcraft is a joy for me. The practice of witchcraft is a discipline that involves some measure of personal study, creativity, abundant soulfulness and heartfelt concern for the outcome of the spell that one is casting. I’m afraid we witches are like all others; we talk more about the practices of our religion than we actually practice our religion. I have been guilty of this myself in a robust and shameful way I am afraid.
The truth is, a witch is only as crafty as she wants to be. Witchcraft is a craft and like all other crafts, it must be practiced, it must be polished, it must be refined. Spell casting for me, is an intimate endeavor. As a solitary witch, I pick and choose my own path, my own ways, and my own practices. I do what feels right for me. I don’t go “by the book” on anything. I don’t “buy” things to be used in my spells, I use what I have, and I make it work! The energy, that is what counts, this is heart work, if you cast a spell with your heart in the right place, with love and concern behind your intention….it doesn’t matter what color candles you burn.
When I am doing spell work, I am dancing, singing, praying (if you will) I am all consumed with my intention. You can imagine that a nine knot spell which involves nine nights of spell work is particularly rewarding.

There is much thought and preparation behind the scenes of a nine knot spell. There is planning, timing; general gathering of altar offerings in preparation, there is the crafting of the spell, the writing of the incantation. All of these things involve a great deal of energy and time.

The nine knot spell is a type of cord magick and is commonly used in love spells. I did not perform a love spell by the way. Cord spells can be used for nearly any intention. The idea is this, as one ties each knot, the energy of the spell increases; it’s as simple as that. Nine is a magickal number.

The side effect of nine nights of candle lit dancing, blissful chanting, singing, casting, and poetic incanting has left me filled with a peace that is deep and satisfying.
Today I feel like a witch and I have a song in my heart. Blessed Be.

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