My Mother’s Happy Day!


I made my dear old Mother happy today. We hadn’t talked in too long, because I hadn’t been able to get hold of her new number until now. The family grapevine is a bit slow at times… When she heard me she almost, but not quite, jumped out of her wheelchair for joy. The poor thing had a stroke about fifteen years ago and is currently residing in a home for the retired.

I told her as much as I could tell her without giving her a second stroke, for if she knew what has become of her precious first-born… Much better if I tell a whole cartload of white lies, nuff said! I had imparted to her one piece of information on an earlier occasion, which is the truth and that is for her not to worry, because Ralphie ALWAYS lands on his two feet, whatever happens.

Anyways, back to Mom! She gave me some surprisingly good news about my errant sister, who is finally starting to find herself and she even went on to tell me a secret…(a public one, I’m sure!) At the ripe old age of seventy-three she has managed to get herself a Beau! The gentleman comes to visit her every single afternoon and brings sweet gifts. I shall have to have a word with him about his intentions!

Just kidding, they’re both happy like teenagers and I wish them both the very best. I hope I shall be able to visit some day, to meet the nice gentleman and thank him for the happiness that he has so obviously brought her. Well, Mom told me that I’d made her day and she made mine, so that makes for happy people all round. Here’s wishing all my readers a (belated) sunny Mother’s Day!!!


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  1. Sweet news Ralphie! Our eldest son flew the nest, he has his own flat since last Friday. I hope you will be able to visit your mom and your sis real soon.


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