Sunshine Award(twice) and Creative Chaos Award!

First of all, I want to apologise profusely  to dear Tania from the TANIAJESSICASMITH site and good ole Roly from the Sarchasm2 site for being so tardy in responding to their kindness in awarding us respectively the Creative Chaos Award and the Sunshine Award. Although my life has been very hectic indeed around here, that is still no excuse for having waited so long. A very belated heartfelt thanks to these wonderful people! — Can I please get up from my bended knees now? No, not yet. Ok, I’ll stay down a little while longer then. — Btw, I greatly deserve the chaos part of the Creative Chaos Awards, I think!

And secondly I would like to thank the lovely Hope from The Stay At Home Philosopher site for nominating us a second time for the Sunshine Award, which she probably wouldn’t have done had she known that we’d already received one, but there you go. Two is always(in the case of awards anyway) better than one.

Now comes the scary part, where I have to reveal about myself…or about the other authors on our site 10 little known facts:

1, I don’t know WTF is Alan Rickman. Did he play in Mash?

2, I have a Gran, who has a broom and a black cat!

3, I have good friend, who is a wonderful poet and is called Lieven.

4, I have shoesize ten.

5, My Gran has not! Correct me if I’m wrong, Gran…

6, Our lovely Polly here knows a lot about witchery(and so does my Gran!).

7, I love strawberries with whipped cream.

8, I like women covered in whipped cream!

9, I am now daydreaming about… uhhmm… strawberries(nice save, wasn’t it?’)!

10, If anybody gives me any lip, I’ll set my Gran on them!

And here I am, still on bended knees— May I? No, still not. Ok!—, with tonight’s nominees for the Oscars: Creative Chaos Awards, in other words for procrastinating in a most creative fashion:






I am still here, starting to get cramps— Oh come on! Still nothing doing? Auch! — to divulge the names of the nominees for the Sunshine Award, or in other words for those who made me smile with their wit and/or knowledge(although the 5 aforementioned ones also did!):











All fifteen nominees appeared in no particular order, by the way! — Can I get up now? Yes, good. Oops, I’m stuck! Gran, somebody, call someone to help ole Ralphie get back up, please! —

X 2

Let me state, for the record, that Ralphie’s Portal is a team effort and that it is largely due to my co-authors that so many visitors stay interested in us, for which I thank my friends from the bottom of my heart!

P.S.: To whom it may concern: Please, no more awards for us, ’cause these ones nearly killed me!

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I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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  1. You are sooooo worthy of this award lil Ralphie! 🙂 Gran stands and cheers~Dancing wildly in praise and adoration! You make me laugh and cry~ (in a good way)


    1. Group effort, Gran, group effort! Btw, you can post anything you like here. Heck, have afternoon tea with the ladies, if you like. This is your home away from home too, you know!


      1. Gran’s tea parties are more like a gaggle of merry witches dancing around a bubbling cauldron, but….. 🙂 it could work! 🙂 Thanks lil Ralphie~


  2. Congratulations, you are certainly guilty of “Creative Chaos” and doubly guilty of spreading “Sunshine” on this WordPress site. Additional thanks for adding this loyal, humble follower of Ralphie’s Portal under your sunshine smiles list…


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