~Kitten Update~

As some of you know I was “gifted” an orphaned kitten on the 15th of April. He still had his cord attached and his eyes were fused. He has grown and he is thriving. Blessed Be.

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  1. My best friend, whom i live with, found a tiny kitten two summers ago. He was very weak and covered in dried, crusty, and what she assumed to be slime or possibly after birth…His eyes were mucked shut. She bathed and fed, cuddled, and loved him, named him Brooklyn, and he is a most beautiful cat today! (completely black with jade green eyes!) I have some photos when he was litlle, but need to take some of him now and when I have them, I will post them on my blog. Your Lil Garfield is so adorable!


    1. I am thrilled to hear about Brooklyn, I will have to see those pictures~ 🙂 Thank You~


    1. Thank You for your kind words lil Ralphie, he’s a real strong kitty that is for sure!


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