~Kitten Update~

As some of you know I was “gifted” an orphaned kitten on the 15th of April. He still had his cord attached and his eyes were fused. He has grown and he is thriving. Blessed Be.


~Full Moon Rituals and Sister Witches~

I write on The Experience Project as well as here on Ralphie’s Portal. Our dear high one “Ralphie” has asked me to post this story here on the portal. I wanted to preface this story by clarifying what EP sisters are, (Experience Project sister witches and friends) Now, here you are~.

It is one of the supreme delights of my life to dance unashamedly beneath the full moons glow. For me, there is exceptional magick in these moon dances, especially now that I know that my solitary dances are united in spirit with my exquisite EP sister witches near and far.
There is regeneration and splendid joy in my solitary worship for it is no longer solitary. It is a most highly wholesome feeling to be one small measure of this powerfully feminine circle of support and encouragement. We are a circle of knowing mothers and crones, we keep within our minds and bodies the secrets of life and of love and of nature. We are carnal, for we have lived and we have nurtured new life, we are consecrated for this same cause. Our spirits leap as our individual sacred flames burn within the moonlit midnight. As one sweet force we shall dance in wonder and awe.
We are most alive on these blissful full moon nights as we weave and sway together and alone from our scattered points upon the blessed earth, each single flame made brighter by the nearness of the next. The distance between us is elapsed as our shared ecstasy builds to a peak. Again on May 6th we will come together, linking hearts as we dance merrily in the spirit of sisterhood as beloved grateful daughters of the moon united.